Wagging Tail – 8

Not much happens before my Ma has her first cup of coffee but this  morning she was on the ball early.

Even before she had her OJ and I had my peak out to pee she was on the phone.

Turned out it’s her bestie Carols birthday. Ma and Carol are like sisters and have been besties for sixty years. Their friendship is so monumental that it’s on permanent exhibit at Belfast City Hall!

We haven’t met in person yet but I can tell you I thank my lucky stars my Ma knows her.

Carol is a animal lover and does a lot of volunteer work to raise money for animal shelters with a dedicated group of pals. It’s thanks to her that I got my new family as she encouraged my Ma to rescue.

She has adopted so many critters over the years most of them elderly little Yorkshire Terriers. The last time she got a dog though she got Maisie who like me has bits of this and bits of that.

This morning Carol and Ma talked about what Carol was going to do today. The weather in Belfast is beautiful so she was planning a walk after work with Maisie.

Many places for walks like trails and beaches are off limits right now and so is Carols other favorite thing in the whole wide world shopping for shoes.

She needs them though she’s a walker another thing I’m very grateful Ma learned from her!

Blessing # 672 – Friend for Life

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