Wagging Tail – 16

There are some weird and wonderful aromas all around me today. My nose is in overdrive once again.

The grass has just been cut which doesn’t help matters. It opens the airways and makes me sneeze something shocking.

The last bunch of daffodils have been plucked and brought into the living room. Mum says this makes her a little sad because they are her favorite flowers but they’ll come back again next year.

There are now other blooms coming out that smell really powerful. These flowers grow on big bushes beside our bedroom window and are called viburnum. They made me pass out for an hour or so just now.

Meanwhile in the kitchen there is some unrecognizable composition coming from the slow cooker. I saw herself chopping cabbage that’s smells like leaking gas to me. This went on top of pork and onion and mango and soy sauce and vinegar and orange juice and rice. Odd very odd. She calls it an experiment.

Truth is its her way of getting rid of all the bits and pieces in the fridge before the trash men come back tomorrow. While I love her to the moon and back I’m not convinced by her culinary skills. They are a bit hit and miss and it is unlikely this will be stellar. You know me that I’d eat anything and now that my bro has taught me to sit up at the table and eat like a human I’ll tuck in and be thankful.

Heaven knows the impact it will have on tomorrow’s tum though!

Blessing # 680 – Essential Oils

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