Wagging Tail -17

My Mom is a big fan of Walking Updates with Patricia. You should follow her she’s fun! We listen to all her video chat and it keeps us feeling chipper.

I’ve come to recognize her voice. She sounds a bit like my Mom. They come from the same part of the world.

Yesterday, Patricia, who was a hairdresser for many years, did a tutorial on hair cutting during lockdown.


We watched it a few times and Mom took my advice to try it. She’d already followed Patricia’s instructions on cutting her fringe and that had worked out good.

Armed with my grooming scissors which are the sharpest we have she got stuck into it this morning. She took it slow and spent quite some time in the bathroom. At one point I thought we were going to miss our walk but thought it wise not to disturb so just lay watching quietly.


It turned out fine. You can see a clear difference before and after.
When she asked Dad what he thought he said it was good but she’d missed a bit! At that point I thought she was going to explode as she was feeling very pleased with herself. Our walk was looking doomed but she breathed deep, went back to the mirror did a bit more chopping and off we went!

Blessing # 681 – Sniping Star


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