Wagging Tail – 18

Like my family yours may be binge watching TV shows and movies.


When we’ve had enough of the news in the evening we’re into the first series of The Crown. That Queen person is so good to her dogs. No wonder she has such a big house with all those puppies. They have very fancy bedding but it doesn’t look as cosy as mine.

Our bed matches my coat and Mom and I have been availing of it for a snuggle each afternoon to watch The Chosen.

There are eight episodes of this show all about Jesus and his disciples and Mom is telling everyone about it because it’s so well done. You can download it for free on your phone or IPad.

The casting is great and the characters are so original and down to earth. They all seem to have fun and Jesus laughs a lot which is how we imagine him.

We are particularly fond of Matthew. He is super smart, has lots of little tics and quirkinesses but most important he has a dog.

Until he was « chosen » he worked as a tax collector and no one liked him at all except of course his dog.

It may be just another tale but it certainly is a wagging one!

Blessing # 682 – Kings and Queens

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