Wagging Tail – 20

It’s dangerous when Mom sleeps till seven. She just can’t stop buzzing around.

After walking me into the ground she threw open all the windows and then tackled the bro’s hair. He’d come home from work last night and said he wanted her to cut his locks really short. Well that’s like a red flag to a bull.

Out came those clippers again and she started. He kept saying «shorter shorter » as apparently he had taken on a dare with some dudes in work. She stopped when she could see his head! He looks half bald like Dad!

It’s just as well he’s handsome and has a fine shaped cranium. Wouldn’t suit everyone!

The bathroom had black hair everywhere so she swung right into cleaning. The plants around the tub we’re all moved outside. Wasn’t sure what that was all about but she had this smug look on her face. Seems she managed to save seven out of nine geraniums  over the winter. So what!

Now she was on a roll and took to the kitchen and out went more plants that lived on the window sill. Another triumph she claims.

They are now on the back step along with other little things in huge pots that she talks to now and then. Leaves appeared from nowhere in these pots over the past few weeks. Seems these critters were living here before me but slept all winter. There’s a rogue among them that she can’t explain. Its growing so fast and she didn’t plant it but is letting it do it’s own thing. Bit like myself really!

She thinks it Purple Dead Nettle but wiser ones may know better. If so help her as she does try her best to be good to all her babies!

Blessing # 684 – Survivors

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