Wagging Tail – 21

When we were making our way to the park this morning we saw one of my pals out for his constitutional. He is small and ancient and his family is very odd. Not only does he walk his Ma and Pa he also walks his feline.

Usually this kitty keeps its distance from the others and never comes near me but this morning I thought it was time we said hello. I crept up behind it and it froze.

It was like something out of a horror movie it hunched up and honestly I thought it was going to pounce on me. It snarled up its face and looked like a demon. Well what to do but back off.

When we got home herself was in overdrive again stripping beds and cleaning like crazy.

Next thing I knew it wasn’t just sheets and pillowcases in the laundry room I was in there too.

She bunged me in that big deep sink and started scrubbing. That’s when I got inspired. Maybe if I did that cat pose she’d back off too!

No fear she just kept on soaping me. Even got the bro to take my pic! Such humiliation!

The woman has no heart but I must say while the house may smell a little iffy of Eau De Chien Mouillé I am fresh and raring to go get that kitty!

Blessings # 685 – Félin’ Frisky

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