Wagging Tail – 22

The bunnies have been evicted from our home. Not saying I’m sad. From the first day they went up we’ve heard nothing but talk about viruses. Anyway most of them were all girly sparkly fluffy pink things. Not my style at all.

Herself had her green swifter thing out today. Squirting and going into all sorts of places that even I can’t reach. She pulled out quite a few fluffy finds from there too that looked a bit like one of those bunny’s bums. There may have been a nest or two too. Nasty!

The bunnies were replaced with all these flags and funny looking little men and lots of Stars and Stripes.


I have no clue what this is about but at least nothing is pink. Plenty of good strong colors around even in the funky fake flowers! I might just chew those up they are tacky!

Blessing # 686 – Boys Blues

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