Wagging Tail – 23


We have returned to winter with freezing cold, wind and rain. Pooh! Herself doesn’t care for walking when it’s pouring unless it’s absolutely essential so we’re just hanging around now watching her favorite videos about clothes and makeup and snuggling up tight.

She’s also fond of anything Royal so when something pops up on one of the sites she follows Ma sends a link to herself in an email so she can find again. If she doesn’t do that she forgets where she saw it.

This morning she hit on something, sent it to herself and then got into a fit of the giggles when it arrived in her email. We’ve just watched it. All about some place called Sandringham but when she typed it she didn’t get it quite right. Snasringham does have a different feel. Fits well we think for a Modern Monarchy!

You can excuse her though as we had to get up with larks. The bro came home from work at eleven last night and then was starting again this morning at seven. His shifts are a bit crazy.

We did get to see the dawn though as we waved him off and that was really spectacular. Red sky in the morning theory was so true today.


Here’s hoping that soon she’ll be running out the back door instead of the front to take pics of that big bright ball and a red sky at night.

Blessing # 687 – Sun Gazing

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