Wagging Tail – 24

I wish I could fly sometimes. Those stinking squirrels scoot up trees just when I’m about to catch them. If I could fly I’m certain I could grab one by the tail!

The trees are full of flying objects and some are very colorful. Recently we’ve been seeing small yellow things Ma says are called Gold Finches. She coos over them to the point I get a little jealous.

This morning she was all distracted by those big funky flyers that zoom into our pond at the park because all of a sudden they have a little fluffy family. She got aunt Lori to take this pic of them.

The pair of ducks who are the funniest fliers of all are still spending a lot of time sitting in the ditch close to the road. Who knows why but they are a cute couple!


There are also those birds that go way high in the sky that seemed to have all but disappeared recently. Some of them called JetBlues were in the news today though. Since it’s  National Nurses Day they are giving 100000 Nurses a sky ride. That’s really cool don’t you think. Wonder could I go too?

Blessing # 689 – Flying High

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