Wagging Tail – 26

Often when we’re out for a trot people will ask my Mom what am I. Rather than just saying she doesn’t know she usually launches into my whole history. This gets a tad boring when you’ve heard the same thing a hundred time.


Yesterday things took a different twist. This masked woman stopped us and said “Oh your dog looks just like my dogs twin”. Intrigued Ma asked what breed that was and the lady said with confidence a SNOODLE.

We checked that out and found some similarities but still go with our original idea that there is Irish Wheaten Terrier in me and a good dose of Poodle.


That would make me closer to a WHOODLE. Pretty good resemblance to the Google image don’t you think?

Given my tail, highlights coloring and ball skills there may be some Golden Retriever in me. My fine behavioral traits of chasing anything that moves at speed also indicate Pointer and Greyhound and the fact I’m still growing hints at a little touch of a giant like a Great Dane or Wolfhound.

All I can say is don’t try to classify me! I’ll never be at the top of the Top Ten Breeds because they couldn’t reproduce me even if they tried. Such a shame that is!

I’m just perfectly mixed up and best described as a BITSA or a HEINZ!


Maybe make that a Secret Scooby that’s a breed you only dream of!

Blessing # 691 – Just Myself

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