Wagging Tail – 27

My feelings have been hurt several times today. First my Ma rushed me out on a short one mile march and then dumped me in the living room with Dad.

She disappeared without even saying adios amigos for two hours. I could hear her talking and a lot of other voices too. How did all those people get into my home? They were serious at times but then they were laughing and no matter how much I scraped the door she wouldn’t let me join that meeting. Absolutely not nice!

She made up for it a little by fixing a date for me to meet my girlfriend  this afternoon but when we got to our meeting point my girl was not there. It was just her Mom who said my girl had had a little wobbly and fallen down the stairs. Of course I was concerned but also disappointed. She is rather a lot older than me but sure is beautiful. Just hoping she gets better soon.

It’s just one of those things I suppose. A big yawn!

You can’t always get what you want. I’ll just hang in there and dream of my love till next time!

Blessing # 692– Rocking Resilience

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