Wagging Tail – 28

The Bro and I put our heads together and pondered what herself might like for Mother’s Day.


She has plants sprawling all over the front hall and these impede my games of fetch. My tennis balls get stuck behind the pots which holds back my score. So we had a brainwave instead of getting her a plant we got her plant holders.

A stroke of genius! She nearly tripped over one of them this morning as I didn’t have time to show her where we’d put them! She was well pleased though and cooed and ahhed about them and was all huggy kissy too.


As we got her in a good mood she decided to make a treat for when the other menfolk surfaced. There was a lot of old bread lying around that I’d hoped would find its way into my bowl.

Instead she chopped it up and covered it with a mix of milk, sugar and egg and chucked it in the oven. I could have done that!


It looked horrendous but miraculously it came out good and we all scoffed it up!

Maybe if we got her gifts every weekend she’d make more goodies instead of those boring crunchies!

Blessing # 693 – Return in Kind

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