Wagging Tail – 30


First, let me report that the fish curry was OK it wasn’t as good as Dad does himself but it was all scoffed. Ma hasn’t got the finesse!

Today has been an upside down sort of day. It started with record cold that totally did Ma’s head in.

She started making dinner at breakfast time. Chopping like a serial killer and throwing things in that big black pot that stews for hours. The smell drove me nuts.

The bro was vegetating in the basement till lunchtime so I only had the ancients around. He emerged at midday ate a plateful of chicken nuggets and vanished again. He reemerged at two thirty, wolfed down some of what Ma had cooked and then took off for work.

She then took the big black pot and put it in the sun room and went to bed! At least the smell disappeared. I was perplexed but joined her as Dad was watching that COVID series on CNN again. I do wish that it is soon over.

We took a long siesta and when we got up she started putting a lot of that stuff in the black pot in dishes and stuck them in the freezer. The rest she put on plates. What the heck? I was totally puzzled by this point. Had I suffered for nothing? Should I take a stand and protest?


That’s when the day took an upturn  she scraped what was left in the pot into my bowl and mixed it with my crunchies. Oh yummy mummy it was worth the trauma. I ate every tiny bit before going for my walk.

We were no sooner out than we met Enzo my biggest bud. He’d escaped his yard as he hadn’t his electric collar on. We played chase up and down the street and dodged a few cars before his Dad caught him. It was a good laugh!!

I really needed that little boost of fun. Too much sleeping and eating really wears a body out!

Blessing # 695 – Playmates

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