Wagging Tail – 31

Today was so much more fun than the past days have been. Everyone around me seemed to be full of energy and in a super good mood. It’s incredible what a little sunshine can do.

The chipmunks we’re out in force in the woods on the way to the park. They move so fast even I don’t think I could catch them. They are like mini squirrels. Just perfect Bite Size

I will not even mention what the squirrels were up to. Let’s just say that wedding bells were ringing!! I was blushing!!!!

After all the romping around I couldn’t believe my luck. For the first time in ten weeks I was left all alone in my home sweet home.

The bro was at work and the parents both went out this afternoon so I got a nice chew chew and some much needed time alone.

Bliss. Don’t you just love your own company now and then?

Blessing # 696 – Normal Nonsense

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