Wagging Tail – 32


The energizer bunny must have passed by last night. Herself has not stopped all day. Apart from taking me for a walk early on she has been constantly on the go.

Must say I am not entirely happy about how she treated me. She was digging holes all around the house. I’m not exaggerating when I say she must have dug one hundred! She thought I couldn’t see her but I was watching from the windows.

No sooner was that done than she hit the clothes cupboard. She’s been watching this woman called Trinny who has a house made of closets filled to the gills with luxury garments. Everything is organized so she’s trying to do the same with her gear!

Total chaos and pandemonium! At least she let me in on this job.

Its better than it was but I do feel so lucky not to need all that stuff!

Blessing # 697 – A Classic Fur Coat

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