Wagging Tail – 33

The bro, who is a person of considerable wealth given the hours he’s working, has taken to buying us all little gifts as a surprise now and then.

Ma usually gets flowers or candy. Today she got a cala lily. Dad got a hat and I got this big thing that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with.

It really doesn’t smell of much but they put it on my daybed and kept telling me to chew it. It was bigger than any chew I’d seen before but eventually I decided they wouldn’t do me harm so I tore in.

Its a bit like eating bacon rinds and takes a lot of effort but I’m enjoying it. There are storms coming in so it will keep me going till they pass and I can get out to stretch the legs again.

We had a good one last night so herself was happy all the things that she’d plant got watered. They darn near got washed away.

The big banner that they put in the yard to celebrate the bro’s graduation almost took off. They had to bang it back in readiness for the next round of gales.

All that lightening and thunder doesn’t faze me at all but if they think I need calming and it comes in the form of rawhide what else could I do but play the game!

Blessing # 698 – Dance in the Rain

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