Wagging Tail – 34

My bro was on first shift today so left home at 5:45. Fortunately herself and Dad decided that was too early for them to get up on a Saturday to wave him off so we three had a good lie in.

She had to do a little run to the post office so I rode along shotgun style for a treat. She swung past the store where she buys Dads whiskey and while there she was tempted by a little vino she’d tried and liked that was on special offer. 

Some might call it excessive I’ll call it patriotism to be kind but she invested in a whole case. Her excuse is a ten percent discount. A young man helped her get it in the car as she feigned old lady weakness. Hope he sees her in the gym and realizes she’s a big fibber.

Not one single thing did she get me so I went under the table in a huff when we got back.


I surfaced when she broke into a new pack of Maire biscuits. She eats them by the handful so I know if I sit close and drool enough she’ll give me one or two.


Now she playing those videos again while waiting for her pal to come by to go for a walk.

I’m sick to the back teeth listening to what color to wear with what lipstick and how to pack enough clothes to last a week in NYNY.

Still, I better be kind as she is taking me out in the sun soon and then I’m sure when we get back Dad will give me a spoonful of lasagne. It’s one of her better dinner dishes and a bro favorite!

Blessing # 698 – Compromises

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