Wagging Tail – 35

The sooner things get back to normal the better. Sunday’s usually are rush rush rush to get me out and back before the Ma and Pa leave for Church. I’ve enjoyed participating in Church from home but it’s getting a bit old now and I want them out of the house for a few hours peace.

The bro doesn’t surface from the basement till midday so I could have the place all to myself. Instead I have to put up with all sorts of false starts when it comes to even getting out on Sunday. Herself doesn’t have her pal to meet so she dawdles around. First there’s coffee after coffee and a tease for me with those chocolate doodads that the bro brings home. I only get the tail end because “chocolate is not good for puppies”. Balderdash!

After she’d noshed enough this morning she disappeared to the bathroom. Of course I followed her and found she was up to no good. She’d plastered her face in some type of blue grey gunk and then settled back onto the sofa with yet more coffee.

All her pals on Facebook had been making Avatars of themselves so of course not to be outdone she had to get at it too. Hers turned out quite well especially the ones where she looks grumpy!

I could have told her though that she didn’t need an app for Avatars. With that blue stuff on she already looked like an extraterrestrial.

Blessing # 699 – (Re)Incarnations

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