Wagging Tail – 37

They may go and find me a mate  as we soon need to enter the ark!

It has rained non stop since five o’clock yesterday afternoon. We had a tornado touch down about thirty miles from here and the trajectory was in our direction. Fortunately it decided to hold off.

All around us new ponds and rivers have formed. I’m quite partial to a paddle so it doesn’t worry me a bit. Quite refreshing!

However, herself is willing to get soaked only twice in one day so since we had a super drenching this morning I’m having to hold on some more until she is willing to walk again.


Our back yard looks OK but when you walk it feels like rice paddy. The feet sink into sludge. Out where our mint grows at the front door a small lake has formed that Ma is turning into a water feature.

All this does make me appreciate her though as no other dogs were seen out today and it is good fun to play catch with the towel when we come home.

The rain really brings out the poodle in me I go all curly and soft and cute.


When I dry it also brings out all my golden highlights too. 

Fortunately though no ones had the idea of puffing me up like a peacock. I’d take the hand off any who tried.

Looks like I’m in for a few more of these mad hair days. They do say cleanliness is next to godliness just wish he’d hurry up with that rainbow.

Blessing # 701 – Down Dog Days

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