Wagging Tail – 38

The storms didn’t give up and we suffered a casualty. One of Mom’s favorite garden ornaments bit the dust. It’s a swan that is no longer dying it’s well and truly dead. She noticed it when she took me out for my early morning business and then abandoned me to put the flowers that were in it in the earth.

When we eventually got around to switching on the news we discovered that we were lucky. In that state up north of us several dams had burst and tens of thousands had to be evacuated.


It sure put things in perspective for my person: one dead duck’s manageable the worst floods in five hundred are not.

This afternoon I had some much needed time to myself. As things are getting back to normal in retail Ma took Dad to an appointment he had and went to polish up and restock her little antique stand.


It’s just as well the store relocated because she said the street where it was before got flooded last night. I’m glad she’s back in business because all her treasures block up the garage and get in my way.

I had such a good snooze that I was raring to go when they got back. Alas it was only a one mile march as the pesky rain came on again. Indoor tennis anyone? Or maybe just big cuddles!

Blessing # 702 – Holding Tight

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