Wagging Tail – 39


When we headed off to the park this morning the rain had stopped. We visited the little geese who are growing as fast as our weeds. They looked like they were having fun so I thought I’d join them.


Their parents weren’t so keen on my idea and took a run at me.

They then took off into the water and I was all set to join them but Ma pulled me back and said she didn’t want to have to deal with a wet dog yet again.

No sooner had she spoken than the heavens opened. We were about a mile and a half from home and it poured all the way. We were worse if that’s possible that we were earlier in the week.

Herself had on her waterproof Barbour but all the rain ran off it and the water was running out of her shorts down into her shoes. You gotta feel sorry for your humans sometimes. Needless to say I too was dripping too.

As soon as she got the worst of the water off me she took off for the bath saying she was freezing.

I stopped by to see her a few times and considered jumping in but then heard Dad at the snacks.

She was away for ever and that is never a good sign. When she emerged she’d taken the Alien look to a new dimension.

She looked even worse when she took the round things out. I bet they’d be fun to shred but she put them away for another day.


Just as long as she has no plans to use them on me I’m cool to pretend she looks normal even though I’ve seen glove puppets with hair like that!

Blesssing # 703 – Muppets

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