Wagging Tail – 40

Memorial Day weekend is off to a good start. Perfect walking weather if you manage to dodge the downpours as Ma and I did all day. It was just right as Goldilocks would say. Not too hot or too cold!

This is the unofficial start to summer for us in the USA so that means BBQs and eating outdoors.

First thing today Ma was cleaning the screened porch. It was gruesome. When she pulled out the grill and cooler the amount of critters and dirt that had hidden since the last party at Christmas was horrific. A centipede the size of a sausage ran past me. Shortly thereafter it met it’s end.

The bro is home today so he said he’d grill. The Ma had to light a fire under him though to get going. He doesn’t get the concept that chicken takes time to cook.


He’s huffing now and won’t let me out to help him which is a shame.


It’s OK though I can watch and wait and live in hope! Did I really hear he’s playing Country Roads!

Blessing # 704 – Grilling Good

2 Replies to “Wagging Tail – 40”

  1. I love that blond cutie! I am looking forward to a trip to hairdressers. The first appt available: June 11.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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