Wagging Tail – 41

Ma and me have been reflecting as we wander on how many flowers at this time of year are purple. There are all sorts of shades of course but why would that be. Don’t be shy speak up if you know! Our theory is bees like this color!

In our yard we have a big weed growing that’s related to mint. It’s common name is Creeping Charley  or if you’re of the botanical persuasion Glenchoma hederacea! Ma says we’re keeping it as it has medicinal properties that might come in handy. We didn’t plant it some bird or bug did that for us!


Also planted by wildlife we have some much more elegant specimens called bearded iris. They are huge and have just come into bloom. Deer hate them so Mums loves them deeply.

Auntie Lori gifted us a beautiful big pot of pansies at Mother’s Day. They are blooming like crazy on the door step.

Next to them in our flower bed the lilac Ma planted two years ago has taken off at last and is giving us perfume and pale purple flowers surrounded by mint and lavender. The lavender hasn’t bloomed yet when it does we’ll shout snap!

So here is the twist to this tale. We’d decided to share these thoughts today and had even taken our pictures when low and behold Auntie Carolyn arrives for our afternoon walk with a beautiful bouquet for us. The color?

You guessed it! Purple of course in a vase saying LIVE LIFE HAPPY!!!

Blessing # 705 – Perfect Pickings

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