Wagging Tail – 42

Today started out great. Ma took me out on our three mile circuit before it got really hot and sticky.

When we returned I got concerned. She took off to the bathroom and you know by now that spells trouble. Dad was cooking so I sat by him and sniffed.

Finally she emerged and was all dressed up with face paint on and puffy hair and of all things was wearing a dress. OK Dad had done some good food but I couldn’t believe all this was for that?

Alas no. She then proceeded to sort through all her old CDs and filled a whole case full of them! That spells only one thing a long car drive.

I put on my very best take me with you I’m such a good quiet puppy look but she left me with Dad. Sorta glad I missed that music though because when she rediscovers a song she likes she plays it on full volume twenty times. It would drive you nuts!

SIX HOURS later she returned at sunset. Seems she’d been to her pal Laura’s for a celebration.

Oh well it was a tad hot today so best to walk close to dark anyway!

Blessing # 706 – Happy Returns

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