Wagging Tail – 44

There was a spring in Ma’s step this morning. She whisked me round the block at breakneck speed then jumped in the shower, grabbed a book and took off.

I was left hanging around waiting for her till two o’clock. She was all full of herself because her gym was open again so she did her Zumba and Pilates and swears she will not be able to walk tomorrow.


She was also a tad pink on the nose and shoulders and her hair was all stuck to her head because the pool has also opened so she’d been in there too.

All this she assures Pa is being done very safely. The gym classes have been moved to a huge room and all people have spots six feet apart. The pool now has time slots 11:00-1:30, 2:00-4:30 and 5:00-close that you need to book in advance. Only family groups can sit together and all food you order is brought from the kitchen in a bag like take out. After the time slot is over everyone has to leave and the staff spray and clean everything.

I’m not fussed about swimming so won’t protest about not being taken. Really all that concerns me is that I get my walks and have a chance to see my pals. Fortunately herself did take me out when she came home and as it was hot and we didn’t go more than a mile I’m getting another outing later. That’s a good deal!


In the meantime I’m sticking to her like a leech just in case she takes off again.

Blessing # 708 – Summer Fun

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