Wagging Tail – 45

This morning herself was up before dawn and of course that meant I was dragged from my slumbers too.

She was rushing to get the trash out as it’s Wednesday and to get ready for yet another gym class this one starting at 8:00. She nearly went ballistic when she found Dad had got up and was in the shower. He got a short shift to hurry up and get out. Poor man! I hid in the bedroom as I know her fury.


Off she went and when she returned she brought the trash back in. What the heck? Seems she forgot Monday was a holiday and the trash pick up is tomorrow!! Seriously she needs help!

Off we went to the park and that was as normal but when we got back she bolted out to the pool again. Two hours later she was back, threw some lunch together and left again with Dad. Fortunately the bro was home so he took me for a spin in the car and we had good man time together just cruising.


She returned with a bunch of weeds that she thinks are beautiful and then she started boosting.


Seems they did some tough exercise today that surprise surprise didn’t trouble my Mom at all. The trainer at the gym said that her hamstrings must be really strong and that that’s because of all the walking she’s done with me.

It was like music to my ears! She’ll for sure take the walking to a new dimension now. Pity it doesn’t do anything for her other wobbly bits or I’d be never home or dry.

Blessing # 709 – Professional Endorsements

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