Wagging Tail – 46

My brother has been teaching me the art of high fives and I’ve perfected it to such an extent I’ll do it without treats.

Ma was so impressed this morning that she thought our team work should feature. You will have to excuse the bro’s get up as he was in transit from the shower in the basement to his chambers above!!


I wouldn’t mind a shower myself as it is a tad toasty. The best place for me to chill is on the kitchen floor as the tiles are cool.

Fortunately my favorite look out point in the living room is located slap in the middle of two air conditioning vents. This is helpful as one cannot neglect ones duties in-spite of weather conditions.

Herself continues to go to the rotisserie each day and is therefore taking me on multiple short walks that, under the current heat index, is best.


The workings of the mind of women is beyond me. Mine spends endless amounts of time watching videos about skin care and then does the one thing that all the gurus say you must avoid. Sunburn! Fortunately she only watches these things she doesn’t buy the stuff or I’d be treatless too!

What sense is there in this? I keep telling her to chill with me instead but it’s like talking to the bro about sleeping before midnight. It’s just water of a ducks back! At least it keeps them both smiling.

Blessing # 710 – Humored Humans

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