Wagging Tail – 47

Talk about dodging storms we’ve made it our profession.

Just as we were about to head out at 6:45 so herself could leave at 7:45 to build more muscle the heavens opened. We had to retreat and she had an excuse for missing her class. She ate bran flakes and drank more coffee instead.


We squeezed a speedy mile in before she went to Zumba and then when she came home she promised me another outing. She got distracted making her mint concoction and chopping up the stems as her latest attempt to deter deer from noshing her sedums.

I had a staring stand out with one this morning on our walk and would have won had she not dragged me on. She won’t believe when I tell her all she needs is me to take care of the venison. We wolfhounds were bred for such!

Anyway I digress. We eventually took off for our two miler and had made it to the end of the street when a huge black cloud came creeping towards us. She stopped to talk to some Granny out with a baby. Fortunately they talked so long the cloud disappeared and so on we went.

I kid you not but on the return at the very same spot that big cloud had been another one appeared and it delivered. We ran home and only made it through the door when the horizontal hose pipe burst again. It was serious. My friend a big Labrador who can’t move as fast as me was caught in it with her Mum and drenched.

After chopping a whole pan full of green stuff and bolting it into for lunch Ma took off again to get the weekly groceries. The rain had stopped but she didn’t take me along as usual because she said I’d suffocate in the car. I was very miffed but she wasn’t long and when she got all the food put away we went for our fiesta siesta.

No sooner had the eyes closed than  another storm arrived and this one had big boom booms with it. One was so bad the house shook. We didn’t mind though as we were together and just snuggled tighter!

Blessing # 711 – Weathering Storms

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