Wagging Tail – 49

This morning was chaotic. We were all up at the streak of dawn and I’d a trot before you could say Jack Robinson.


Things then became so very strange I was ready to run. My bro put on this huge dress and hat. Everyone was hugging and taking pics and saying how proud they were of him! Of course I joined in!

Seems it is one of the most important days in a young humans life and this one was going to be different than any other.

Usually when high school is complete a big ceremony takes place in a huge stadium and parents and families go and watch.  This year though my bro and his friends got to do things different.

They had a drive-thru ceremony. Our car got all dressed up too with all sorts of bells and whistle stuck to it! Shame I wasn’t allowed to go!

The whole thing was streamed live so not just Mum and Dad but our family and friends all around the world got to watch. We know our nears and dears from India, Switzerland, UK and USA all followed it live. That’s unique and super special don’t you think?


The bro was quite pleased with how things went and was very philosophical about the whole affair. Instead of sitting for five hours in the one place he was in and out in a matter of minutes and on his way to his first celebratory meal of the day breakfast at Bob Evans down on the Farm!


Now they are back from the bro’s walk with his very important diploma and a cute little gift from Ma and Pa. They say they need  a quick rest before taking me for my walk before they head off again for some afternoon fun at the pool and dinner tonight. Hope they’ll remember leftovers this time!

Blessing # 713 – Graduation

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