Wagging Tail – 50


Today I got so much attention to make up for the neglect of yesterday. There was no rushing as the bro was off work and Ma decided to forgo setting the alarm to go to the gym and have a lie in!

Instead of weights we just did our walk to the park and admired all the beauty of nature at its best.

The sky was pure blue again. We love the contrast with the color of the trees and the grass even though the saying goes «blue and green should never be seen». Who comes up with these things anyway? Ma says the color combination reminds her of San Pellegrino the worlds best water!

She went for a quick dip but soon came back to take me out again. We went for a little drive and a walk around the lake at Auntie Carolyns.

It’s so sweet cruising around in the sun with the windows down playing The Beach Boys. We pretend we’re by the ocean even if we’re at a little lake in the mid west and at least eight hours to the nearest shore. A wee wave would be welcome but we feel happy to go round round get around even if we can’t go surfing!

Blessing # 714 – Compensation

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