Wagging Tail – 51

We have lots of deer around here so it’s not surprising we also have deer ticks. Each month I get a treatment to make sure they jump off me. They’ve developed a habit though of jumping from me to Ma.

It was funny today because on our walk she’d just had a conversation with her pals about Lymes diseases and how her former love, a Labrador called Bingley, got this disease. We were no sooner home than surprise surprise one of the beasts jumped off me and into her hair. There was a frenzy to get it off her without loosing it into the carpet but she managed.

She said the thought of it made her itchy all over and that was her excuse to abandon me for the pool. Didn’t matter as I was flaked out with the heat.


She came home with another great wildlife story. Seems a big Mallard Daddy Duck mistook the pool for his pond and made a super landing right in the middle of it during break time when the water was still because the kids were out.

Everyone was transfixed. The duck had some trouble taking off again but when he made it there was a big round of applause.

It’s the first time ever Ma has seen such a thing so thinks there should be some sort of saying about it.

We all know those sayings. Bull in a China Shop, Once in A Blue Moon, Can’t Teach and Old Dog New Trick.

What would it mean though Duck In The Pool?

Blessing # 715 – Flights of Fancy

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