Wagging Tail – 53

This morning I was working early frightening those dear deer away.

They are pretty bold and even when I barked out loud they stood still like statues and stared at me. Gave Ma time to take this picture!

You wouldn’t believe it but they got their own back on me. As I was reposing on Ma’s knee this afternoon she spotted one of their passengers stuck to my ear.


Have to give it to her she was fast and got the little beast.

Herself and the bro socked them a blow by digging up some dead wood and putting in a new tree. One they don’t like.


The bro did the digging as the tree marks his graduation. No matter if he moves on he will always be able to come back and see how his Tigers Eye is doing.


He did a good job and it got well watered in by a big downpour.

Definitely the right moment for new beginnings.

Blessing # 717 – Planting Hope

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