Wagging Tail – 54

Dad and I have been left to our own devices most of the day. I got two walks so can’t complain just in case she hears of it and gets huffy.

Suppose we’ll have to get used to each other! With all these fitness classes going on again and the pool open to boot herself will be unavailable for snuggles while watching TV. I’ll have to switch channels no more HGTV for me!


Add to this Ma is starting to do some shifts at the antique mall to fund her habit of collecting lost objects and re-homing them. Wish she’d concentrate on a pursuit like fishing where I could join her. 

I’ve been on the lookout for some diversions. If they’d get me an electric fence like most of my pals I could be out guarding and hunting all day. Instead they keep me in “the safety of the house and porch”.

Even those stupid squirrels tease me because they know I can’t get them. Sit right in front of me eating nuts!

Not a bit fair. I’ll have to take to books like Dad. Seems that’s all that remains for those of us still in lockdown apart from munching crunchies and he’s fortunately very generous!

Blessing # 718 – Fatherly Fortune

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