Wagging Tail – 55

Over the past twenty four hours our yard has become a focal point for cottonwood fluff. Unless you see with your own eyes you will not believe that it has almost entirely bypassed our neighbors to land on us in abundance!


Maybe because we are at the top of the hill or maybe because we have an exposed lot but we’re blanketed


If it was manna from heaven we could feed the five thousand as it is we could start spinning and make a few loincloths.

Ma was mad as every time we open a door the floating fabric flies in. Every nook and cranny is covered in the porch and garage! It sticks to the ground like snow and I find it all awesome.

I’ve had a word with herself to convince her it’s wondrous.

At last she took note and found that indeed this is very special. Native Americans consider it to be nothing less than the source of the stars and a sign of great hope. Check out the full story if you’re so inclined.

Cottonwood – Hope

If not here’s the lighter version!


So why worry. Be like me. Embrace it as something delightful. Roll in it and do that Sun Dance!

Blessing #719 – Stardust



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