Wagging Tail – 57

Man it’s toasty and being a double duty walking day I’m seriously hot. May need to make an appointment for a short back and sides soon or even a shave.

This morning’s outing was bearable apart from some delay on the return as herself has decided to pull up weeds by the root to create a wild flower garden. Tell me the sense in this if you can. One day she spends the whole morning attacking them and the next she’s out plucking them to plant. Hard to understand the workings of the human mind.

This afternoon it hit 30C but we had another walking engagement and since this meant a ride in the car I didn’t object at all.

When we got going though I realized that it was not so easy. Some kind soul had left a big bowl of water outside their house that was guzzled down with thanks and helped a lot.

In the end though when we had reached the half way mark I decided I’d have to take additional action. Each time we hit a shady spot I just lay down. The humans were impressed with my wisdom and let me rest a while. Each time they just went on gabbing. It’s handy being able to sweat like them all I have is my tongue and it can only stretch so far!

Can’t tell how fresh it felt to get the windows down in the car and how good that drop of Adams Ale was when we got back to the ranch.

It’s hotter still tomorrow so walks will be sprints not marathons.

Blessing # 721 – Air Conditioning

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