Wagging Tail – 58

I’ve learned from yesterday’s indulgences and so has Ma. We got out early before it was hot and walked less too. I’m resting up and hydrating well. I’m also working on my glycogen stores stealthily seeking snacking  opportunities.

The bro was starting work at 7:00 so was up and cooking his breakfast when Ma and me surfaced at 6:15. He makes a mean fried egg but he didn’t share a single morsel with me.

Ma always throws a little sprinkle of Frosties on my morning rations but my Dad’s the softest touch when it comes to sharing.


When the bro brings home treats Dad always gives me some. I love it when we get Panera chips that are so yummy. They are really hard and salty and crunchy.


When it comes to body building I’ve  been contemplating cracking into the creepy crawlies as it seems they are all the rage when it comes to alternative protein sources.

Imagine they might tickle a little going down. Ma doesn’t think it’s wise. Seems my predecessor Mr Darcy ate spiders and they caused him to salivate to the point that he had to go to hospital.

I’ll stick to standard sausages.

Blessing # 722 – Food for Thought

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