Wagging Tail – 59

It’s been another powerfully hot day and now we are waiting for big storms to come our way.
Ma is hoping there will be no damage but is actually looking forward to the rain because she doesn’t want to water her plants. This is another thing that is hard for me to understand. Why go crazy planting things and then huffing and puffing because you have to water them.

We have a sprinkler system but she doesn’t put it on because she says it’s a waste of water and isn’t « GREEN »We already have cut hay while neighbors have perfect lawn because they do use theirs.  


This gets her singing a very old song from her childhood. You do not want to hear this, well at least her version!


It was released about the time my Dad bought the book UTOPIA that she has just finished reading. His signature was on the inside cover with the date! The price is on the back. Funny currency back then!

Seems that place was very strange. Everyone wore the same clothes and lived in the same sort of houses and got to eat together in big communal dining halls everyday. They also had to go work down on the farm ever few years.

Ma said it was all a bit creepy and not what she was expecting at all. Seems it impressed many people over the years though.

Just as well Ma isn’t one of them or we’d be off!

Blessing # 723 – Staying Stateside

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