Wagging Tail – 60

The storm was fierce and snapped some of Ma’s plants on the patio so now we have little bunches of  flowers everywhere.


That wasn’t the only ravage of the night though. The deer have hit the hostas. Herself was feeling confident that the mint had done the trick but last night they plodded through it and almost totally took out the biggest and brightest plant. Hard to imagine this was a substantial sized bush!

I’m doing my best to stand guard and help with the situation but the big bucks banquet mostly before dawn when we’re still slumbering.

We are coming into fawn season now and saw the first one in Auntie Denise’s yard the other day. I was really well behaved and didn’t bark or anything. It seems the wee one felt so comfortable it came back the next morning and had a siesta under her table.

We do love our wild animals because this is their home just as much as ours. All we ask them is to eat our grass and not our borders.

Touch those lilies Bambi and we’re  throwing the book at you!

Blessing # 725 – Fighting On

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