Wagging Tail – 61

Why are Friday’s always fun?

7185C45A-6428-4640-AEA8-88BE84A16F9BThis morning was absolutely beautiful so cool and sunny. Along with just about every other puppy Mummy in the neighborhood my Ma skipped Zumba and took me for a VERY long walk. We got in all our steps for the day before 9:30!

She then took off with the bro to the pool so I hung out with Dad and vegged. We had a good time just the two of us. So peaceful without the bro’s phone and her  chatter. I can relax with Dad he isn’t always darting here and there like some crazy person.

When they returned they brought me the gift of a new tennis ball. I’ll be playing inside though because it’s boiling hot again right now.

I just got out for a quick pee that’s all I can handle in this heat. Only thing for it now is a cool bedroom and a good stretch for an hour!

These people don’t know how lucky they are that I’m so adaptable to their ever whim.

Blessing # 726 – Cool Character

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