Wagging Tail – 62

What a difference a day makes. We   dropped about 15C but it felt so refreshing. It spurred us to do lots!


After Ma had shaken her booty for a bit at Zumba we hit the park. It had just stopped raining and there was a smell in the air that she said reminded her of the Palm House at the Botanic Gardens in Belfast. Of course I can’t validate this but it was what I’d describe as earthy.

We came home and immediately went treasure hunting. We found a little dolls rocking chair and a shelf that had to go into the back seat of the car as it wouldn’t fit in the trunk. Gave me a bit of a tight squeeze but it was a good excuse to claim my position up front.

When we got back she decided to go to the groomers as she hadn’t been since Christmas and returned shortly thereafter looking quite different. It’s her though. I gave her a good sniff and she stills smells the same.

She got a bit mad with Dad as he didn’t say anything and she had to ask him did he like her new do. I got off side as I could sense the tension and then she took off.

About ten minutes later she was back asking for a saw! I was petrified was she really going to kill him this time?

Fortunately she had taken to hacking up a half dead tree at the garage door. Brute force wasn’t sufficient. He found a saw that wouldn’t cut a pencil and off she went again. Determination diva!


Our neighbor took pity on her and brought her a bigger one with which she hack up half the tree. I said nothing just sat patiently watching and waiting for a walk!


After she’d removed the bottom third of the poor things she came back and took me out.

Can you imagine she had the audacity to put up one of her « I’m so sweet butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth » signs on that poor specimen. What a spoofer.


Even I couldn’t kiss her after that.


Let’s hope, like her hair, it will recover and grow back quickly!

Blessing # 727 – Going for the Chop

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