Wagging Tail – 63

Today Ma introduced me to two of the finer things in life.

The first is cruising around with your head out the window. Dad doesn’t approve of this as you might imagine so don’t let on to him.

We drove to Auntie Carolyns for a walk around the lake and on the way over and back I got to sit up front listening to The Eagles

Its so cool getting that wind directly on your face and seeing the world go by. I barked at every jogger and bicyclist which was really funny.

All the little flowers have been planted in our town so we admired those while waiting for the train to pass. Very pink don’t you think!

When we got home we got things ready for dinner which we’ll have late as the bro’s at work till 7:30 and then we sunbathed.

This is also new to me but I really loved lying in the lounger with Ma. It’s super snuggly and I can watch all that’s happening in the yard and on our street. 

I have decided that we’re going to make a habit of this when it’s not too toasty. Might need a pool too!

Blessing # 728 – Facing The Wind and Sun for Fun

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