Wagging Tail – 64

Aaron and Mom abandoned Dad and me today. We have been lonely watching and waiting for them. Just as well I have a strong bladder or there’d be trouble!


Aaron is at work seems Auntie Lori was one of his customers today. He was very attentive and fast by all accounts.

Ma is running around like a headless chicken working on her projects.


She bought a new shelf for her booth this weekend and was up half the night dreaming how she’d rejig the entire space. So of course that means she wakes me up too!

She’s been listening to the people who’ve been in the business for years all about merchandising and pricing. You need to group goods together and understand what people are willing to pay for a particular item. Working in the store has really been insightful.

These points may seem obvious to some of you with a business brain but Ma doesn’t have that.

Still you must admit she doesn’t give up easily and when you look back over the year she’s been at it she’s sold enough to break even.

Blesssing # 729 – Lifelong Learning

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