Wagging Tail – 65


Another day of Mama Mania. After Zumba she trailed me out to the adjacent neighborhood and was walking with great purpose. That’s a sure sign of trouble ahead.

She was so focused on her mission she didn’t see a bicycle creep up behind us but I did. I nearly took him out and I gave herself a big blister tugging the leash so hard. The cyclist survived. Just! I’m so mean I need my own mugshot!

9234E488-B489-431A-8F80-B38C28ACE672I was expecting her to yell at me but she just said I was a BAD BOY and walked on.Soon I understood why. On the way back from gym she’d seen someone had thrown out garden furniture and she’d a plan for it. Shes been promising the bro a fire pit for ages and since she hacked the tree down she has wood but no pit. This furniture would be perfect for sitting around the campfire making s’mores.


She raced me home got the car and then started loading the stuff into it. It took her three runs to get it home including a trip on foot with a kind neighbor who helped with a trolley to push the bench. She has absolutely no shame.


Poor Dad was mortified. All the neighbors saw the event but she was pleased as punch. Said the cushions even matched her pots.

Now it is taking up almost the entire patio. I’ll give her credit though those cushions are comfy!

Blessing # 730 – Recycled Goods

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