Wagging Tail – 66

Mother and I have come to understand that there are times of day when you see different critters out and about. Yesterday we were a little later than usual for our morning outing and saw a lot of bunnies. At dawn and dusk we see our deer. Today we were early and hit the chipmunk lunch break. They were out in force.

That’s nothing to get really excited about though is it?

What shocked us was what we saw in a cool shady wooded area with a tree stump in the middle. It was like coming across King Arthur and the knights of the round table only they were all squirrels.

No kidding there were at least eight of them and they were sitting in a big circle as though they were at a meeting.

Now you may think she had been on the margaritas but trust me it was only nine in the morning and nothing stronger than coffee had crossed her lips and I was there to witness this event.

Of course we had to then look up the collective term for a gathering of squirrels and we found it is a SCURRY! Isn’t that so appropriate. Especially since they spend most of their time running away from me.

What were they up to? Having a party perhaps or was it strategic planning? Whatever we predict that in the near future the bushy tail is up to something significant.

Blessing # 731 – Tufty Times

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