Wagging Tail – 67

Ma is delighted we’ve had showers on and off today. This means she gets her rays but also doesn’t have to water her plants. Win win!

She says that this is gentle rain and reminds her of her own Mom who would recite Shakespeare on such occasions.

Herself was reading aloud a few times today. She’s half way through  A Passage to India and the guy who wrote used some uncommon words. We hit pages today that were loaded with them and she has to sound them out!

Ma says this is the sort of thing that during school days there would be a whole discussion around the meaning. Today she has to rely on google to expand her vocabulary.


She repeated one particular word CALUMNIATED about ten times.


It made me wonder was it a new command for me and should I do something like turn the page for her to earn a treat.

Instead I jibbed. That’s another new word! Much easier to pronounce thankfully!


Was altogether a very pleasant experience we shared that little literary lesson. Now The Tempest is approaching so no walk till that passes but the silver lining is another day lies ahead without the need to water and it’s Friday!

Blessing # 732 – Bookworms

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