Wagging Tail – 68


I’m so pleased with myself and feeling so grown up that I’m holding my head a little higher than usual.

Mom and I went walking with Auntie Lori this morning and as they hadn’t seen each other for a few days the chatting went on a bit. I took this in my stride and just listened. After all Lori is my major provider of treats. Gotta be sweet!

It got a bit hot on the way home so Ma asked if I wanted to go the long way or short way. I choose short. That’s when she struck! Gave me my leash right into my mouth and let me go.

The freedom was wonderful. I took off like greased lightening and she didn’t even scream at me. What fun it was. I hid behind people’s mailboxes and let her catch up and then took off again.

I was expecting her to get me back after a bit but for some reason she must have decided I’m mature enough now to take care of myself.

Poor Dad nearly had a heart attack though. He saw me come racing down the street alone and thought she’d had a mishap so came out to look for her. I just lay down to wait under the big tree.

No need to worry though. In a matter of minutes she arrived and still I got no scolding just a great big bowl of cold water!

Free at last!

Blessing # 733 – Liberation

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