Wagging Tail – 69


I had the house to myself for several hours today. The bro was at work and the parents were out at Barn Sales.

It was so cool. AC on full blast and no one to disturb my slumbers. Wish they’d stayed away a while longer. We all need time to chill!

They were on a mission to find a fire pit so the bro can fine tune his caveman skills. They didn’t find one. That works for me as it’s toasty enough without burning wood for fun!

They found a few baby’s dresses that someone had made a long time ago and that are now destined for the antique store. The work is very fine indeed I must say so hope they find a loving home.

They also were given a trunk full of old books. Some dealer friend of Mums was having one of the sales today and he saw Dad looking at the literature and said he could have them all.

Now you know Dad he could never refuse a book it would be anathema to Anantharaman (aren’t I smart!) and Ma had to agree since after all tomorrow is Father’s Day!



There is something for all tastes among them except mine! Problem is there’s now a bit of a musty odor in our house as those books, all 32 of them, date from the 1950s and have been somewhere a bit damp!


Herself will need to get out the Febreeze as it’s about to overpower me. In the meantime I’ll just stay serene and sniff a scented candle!

Blessing # 734 – Happy Daddy 

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