Wagging Tail – 70

As Fathers Day’s go I’d say ours went smoothly until just now.


Dad got his cards when he woke up. The bro had already gone to work so he had to content himself with my attentions. I was adorable

Poor soul it seems gets the same gifts every year whiskey and chocolate cake. Aaron got him an onion chopper too that he gave him three days ago as the bro can’t keep surprises.

Dad and I hung out when herself went pooling. No wonder she feels she needs to give him lovy dovy cards!

She is making him chicken curry for his dinner and when she started that we had a hiccup. She’d run out of turmeric in her small storage jar so had to break into her main reserve. It’s an industrial quantity that is stored in a bin.

When she got the bag out to fill the small jar she burst the bag and the orange stuff was everywhere. There were a few expletives but I said nothing so the men folk didn’t notice and she got it all cleaned up.

It was everywhere though including all over her clothes. Fortunately I didn’t get hit with it as I was still sucking up to Dad or I’d look like I’d had a hair dye.

She had to fill a stack of jars with the stuff and the dish should be reclassified as turmeric chicken. We’ll see if anyone notices.

They certainly should tomorrow but they do say turmeric is good for health.

Blessing # 735 – Golden Promises

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