Wagging Tail – 71


I’ve had another great day. It started with rain but as my granny apparently often said “Many’s a rainy morning turns out a sunshine day”. Smart woman! We better get used to it this week!

Just as we started our walk with Auntie Lori the rain stopped so we got lucky and only a tad wet.


Ma picked a few flowers from our yard when we got home. She is so thrilled she got them before the deer did.


I got no thanks for all my efforts of keeping them at bay.


Still not being easily offended thought it wise to give them a sniff to show my appreciation. Gotta pamper to her every whim so she thinks I’m her best pal!

She tells me orange lilies have a special significance in her home land. They do make quite a statement. Let’s say they’re bright.

My tactic paid off richly. She went to work for a while but when she came back we immediately went to Auntie Carolyn’s.

Car ride and another long walk and this time she even had the sense to take along some water for me so I’m in tip top form.


Anyone for Tennis?

Blessing # 736 – Gilding the Lily

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