Wagging Tail – 72

A little sunbathing is a delightful thing. My favorite spot is by the gate on the patio. I just lie there and watch the world go by.

After a while when the hard ground gets to be too much I hop on the sofa and that can induce a slumber.

When it gets too much I seek the shade and sleep.

Clearly I’m mobile and smart and can take good care of myself. The reason all this is on my mind is that I’m thinking about eggs!

My Ma and me found a tiny one in our yard that had the most beautiful color. Just like the sky. It was all alone but perfectly intact. It wasn’t by a tree so there was no nest unless it was in the ground cover.

We didn’t know what to do with it but wondered would it not get cooked in the intense heat. Just in case it’s Momma was sitting on it we decided it best not to move it.

Today we went to look for it and it had vanished. Was it eaten? Or did it hatch?

We sure hope it will be back someday to spend some time with us. Aarons tree is a very fine spot!

Blessing # 737 – Eggshell Blue

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